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Naturopathic Medicine – Delafield, WI

Using Natural Remedies to Care For Your Whole Health

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The mouth and body are closely interconnected, which means, when you have problems occurring within your oral cavity, it is likely poor physical health will follow. At Bionica Dental Wellness, Dr. Holinbeck believes in caring for your whole health, not just your teeth and gums. Using naturopathic medicine in combination with modern science and holistic dentistry, she and our very own naturopathic doctor, Dr. Brian Borden, will treat your problem while keeping your full body in mind, using natural remedies, avoiding metals, and even providing ozone/oxygen therapy. To find out more about this unique type of medicine and how it’s used in a holistic dental office, contact us today.

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

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Naturopathic medicine is used by a wide variety of medical professionals, including dentists. Using natural remedies such as herbs, massage, acupuncture, exercise, and nutritional counseling, the body can begin to heal itself. Although different professionals use it in various ways, the goal of naturopathic medicine is to treat the whole individual, not just one particular area.

For example, if you were to see Dr. Holinbeck for a toothache, she will do more than just treat the symptoms. She will look for the initial cause and find the appropriate method to treat and improve your condition. This proves beneficial in the long-term, as patients will no longer require frequent treatment for symptoms that continue to arise.

Meet Dr. Brian Borden

A clipboard with a piece of paper that reads “Holistic Health” and “Mind, Body, Soul”

Dr. Brian Borden is the newest member of the Bionica Dental Wellness team. As a naturopathic doctor, he earned his Doctorate of Naturopathy from the United States School of Naturopathy in Georgia.

Passionate about being able to treat the root causes of various health problems instead of just their symptoms, Dr. Borden is trained in using Computerized Bio-Resonance Screening, which is a bio-feedback that detects any imbalances, deficiencies, or obstacles the body might face that can impede wellness.

Helping individuals combat their dental problems since 2002, he has made it possible for patients to better understand how their dental health impacts their overall well-being.

What is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine?

A female patient in the dentist’s chair alongside a male dentist

As we mentioned earlier, there are different types of medical professionals who use this type of medicine. What constitutes a naturopathic doctor is someone who is educated and trained as an accredited naturopathic medical college. However, many healthcare providers, including dentists, receive specialized training in naturopathic medicine.

Doctors who study and specialize in this type of medicine often follow a similar formula for diagnosing and treating patients. This includes everything from evaluating a person’s overall health to determine what negative entities must be removed in order to achieve optimal health, to using natural remedies as a way to safely treat, restore, and improve the body, mouth, mind, and spirit.

Similar to a holistic dentist like Dr. Holinbeck, naturopathic doctors believe in identifying the underlying problem (root cause), providing individualized care, and working with the patient to make changes to their lifestyle in an effort to improve and restore full-body health.

How Is It Used in Combination with Holistic Dentistry?

At Bionica Dental Wellness, Dr. Holinbeck works closely with like-minded providers who can help to provide a total-body approach. While she can offer a wide array of services in order to help a patient achieve better oral and overall health, she will provide referrals to other professionals who can assist in preventing problems from developing in the future. Some of the ways she and her peers can improve your whole health include:

If you’re still unsure how naturopathic medicine and holistic dentistry align, here are a few ways::

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