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Dentures – Delafield, WI

Restoring Smiles Affected by Tooth Loss

An older woman smiling and pleased after receiving her dentures in Delafield

An incomplete smile, no matter how many teeth you are missing, can be challenging. Not only will you likely experience difficulty eating and speaking, but your self-esteem can be largely impacted, causing you to miss out on social gatherings with family and friends. At Bionica Dental Wellness of Delafield, Dr. Holinbeck and her team understand the challenges missing teeth can pose, which is why we are pleased to offer full and partial dentures to individuals in need. Creating a natural appearance using only the highest quality materials, we can ensure your smile looks its best for years to come. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Holinbeck and learn what you can do to get started.

Why Choose Bionica Dental Wellness of Delafield for Dentures?

What Are Dentures?

An up-close image of a full set of dentures created for an individual with missing teeth along the top and bottom arches

Dentures are a restorative method of treatment designed to replace multiple missing teeth or an entire arch (top or bottom). Not only can they enhance your appearance, but they can also improve the way you eat and speak, granting greater oral function.

At Bionica Dental Wellness of Delafield, Dr. Holinbeck can create a dental prosthesis that is metal-free and lightweight, ensuring a comfortable fit and natural appearance.

What Does a Good Candidate Look Like?

An older couple smiling and playing together while outside

Dentures are an ideal solution if you’re simply missing a few consecutive or nonconsecutive teeth along the top or bottom row of your mouth, or if you need to replace an entire arch. It is beneficial if you have a strong jawbone, as this will create a firmer foundation for your restoration as well as healthy gum tissue.

Although full and partial dentures are frequently used as a single restorative treatment, they are also commonly used as part of an individual’s full mouth rehabilitation. Oftentimes, if a person’s smile is plagued by various problems, Dr. Holinbeck can create a comprehensive treatment plan that uses a combination of restorative services to rebuild, repair, and restore their smile. Because dentures offer both a way to improve a person’s oral health and aesthetics, they are often incorporated into these personalized rehabilitation plans.

The Difference Between Full and Partial Dentures

An up-close image of partial dentures made out of gum-colored acrylic and artificial teeth

There are two different types of traditional dentures to choose from when discussing your options with Dr. Holinbeck – full or partial.

Full Dentures

If you need a full denture, it is because you are missing all of your teeth along the top or bottom row of your mouth (or both). Even if you need to have one or two teeth extracted, a full denture can easily restore your smile’s appearance.

Using an acrylic base and artificial teeth, this non-metal prosthetic is crafted by lab technicians based on the specifications provided by your dentist. Designed to sit on top of your gums, the denture will blend in with your gum line and fit snugly into place with the help of your natural suction.

Not only will you see a fully restored smile when you look in the mirror, but you’ll also notice a dramatic difference in the way you speak and eat, allowing you to feel more confident and comfortable in front of others.

Partial Dentures

Should you require a partial denture, it is likely because you are only missing a few teeth along the top or bottom row of your mouth. Fitting like a puzzle piece, these prosthetics are commonly created using metal clasps or clips that attach to your natural teeth. However, as a dentist in Delafield, Dr. Holinbeck opts for metal-free materials. As a result, you will receive a prosthetic that uses gum-colored acrylic to form small hooks that fit around your natural teeth to help hold your partial in place.

By removing the metal from your denture, you will not only have a more aesthetically pleasing prosthetic, but it will also be non-toxic and healthier for you, your body, and the environment. Also, with a partial denture, you don’t have to worry about your natural teeth shifting out of place and causing alignment issues. Instead, your partial will fit snugly, allowing you to have an even bite force and a more beautiful smile.

If you prefer a more permanent solution that doesn’t require your natural suction or acrylic hooks to hold your prosthetic in place, you might consider talking to Dr. Holinbeck about implant-retained dentures. Using bioceramic implants that are surgically placed into your jawbone, you can experience a stronger, more durable, and functional tooth replacement option that can last decades if properly maintained.

Aftercare/Tips for Day-to-Day Use

A person’s hand holding a cup full of water that contains full dentures

Once you receive your final dentures, it is common to experience some soreness in the beginning simply because your mouth is trying to adjust to the new prosthetic. It may take some time for your jawbone, gums, and tongue to become accustomed to your denture, but over time, it will become easier to talk and eat.

Initially, you will want to eat softer foods and avoiding biting down on anything too hard, as this additional pressure can create additional soreness. You may also want to practice your syllables in front of a mirror, as this will help you pronounce difficult words as well as improve the clarity of your speech.

Also, when cleaning your dentures, make sure to place a towel in the basin of your sink to protect against damage should you accidentally drop them while cleaning. You’ll need to use a soft-bristled toothbrush or denture brush, a non-abrasive toothpaste, and a denture cleaner to keep your prosthetics clean. It is best to soak your dentures at night while you are sleeping, as this will give your gums and bone a chance to breathe and rest.

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