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Emergency Dentistry — Delafield, WI

Safe, Effective Care When You Need It Most

Pained woman needs to visit her Delafield emergency dentist right away

Do you suddenly find yourself with a knocked-out, broken, or horribly painful tooth? No one expects to encounter a dental emergency, but it happens more often than you may imagine. If you or a loved one encounter a dental emergency, Bionica Dental Wellness of Delafield is here to provide safe, effective care when you need it most. Dr. Udoka Holinbeck and her experienced team are dedicated to providing holistic dental care with the latest dental technology to ensure you and your smile receive the best care possible. If you need an emergency dentist in Delafield, don’t hesitate to call us right away!

Why Choose Bionica Dental Wellness of Delafield for Emergency Dental Care?

What to Do in a Dental Emergency

Man with toothache in Delafield visiting his emergency dentist

Naturally, it’s easy to panic in the face of a dental emergency. However, it’s essential that you take a breath so you can act quickly and prevent the situation from getting worse. Follow these steps if you ever need emergency dental care in Delafield:

The Most Common Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. Some happen suddenly, while others develop gradually over time. Some require treatment as quickly as possible, while others are considered non-urgent emergencies that can wait to be treated for a few days if needed. Whether you’re dealing with a broken tooth, severe toothache, or aren’t sure if your situation counts as an emergency, we encourage you to give us a call. We’ll assess your situation over the phone and help you determine what you need to do next to keep your smile healthy. Below, you’ll find some important information about some of the most common dental emergencies we treat here at Bionica Dental Wellness of Delafield.

Understanding the Cost of Emergency Dentistry

Cost of emergency dentistry in Delafield

If you are unsure about receiving professional care for your dental injury, you should know that putting it off will only result in worsening symptoms and costlier treatment. The cost of emergency dentistry in Delafield is different depending on each person’s case. This is why a scheduled appointment is essential to better understand how much you can expect to pay for a particular method of restorative care.

Every Dental Emergency is Different

Woman experiencing tooth pain in Delafield

There are several factors that Dr. Holinbeck and our team will determine when examining your dental injury. This will help us to determine the type of treatment you should receive as well as how much you can expect it to cost.

We’ll look at the severity of the damage or infection, its location within the mouth, the type of restorative treatment you’ll require, and if you plan to use your dental insurance to help with payment. Our team will do our best to minimize out-of-pocket expenses as much as possible.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dental Emergencies?

Dental insurance in Delafield

There is good news when it comes to using your dental insurance for these kinds of emergencies. In most cases, many companies provide patients with one annual emergency exam. This means you will be unlikely to pay anything for your visit. The cost you can expect to incur comes from the restorative service you will need to fix the problem.

Typically, in these situations, your insurance company will agree to cover between 50 and 80% of the total cost. You will need to review your plan beforehand to make sure you’re agreeable to any out-of-pocket expenses you’ll be responsible for.

Other Options for Making Dental Emergencies Affordable

Woman smiling in Delafield

At Bionica Dental Wellness of Delafield, we are pleased to provide alternative payment options apart from cash, check, or a major debit or credit card. We also offer ways to enroll in CareCredit or Lending Club, which are third-party financiers that make it easy to pay off your treatment over time instead of all upfront.

We also offer our Wellness Program that allows you to pay a one-time fee and receive access to preventive dental care as well as discounts on other available services.

Taking Care of Your Smile Can Save You Money

Woman visiting dentist in Delafield

The most effective way to avoid needing emergency dental care is to maintain your smile. This isn’t always easy or 100% possible, as accidents can occur at any time; however, there are a few steps you can take to safeguard your pearly whites and soft oral tissues, such as:

  • Eating healthy foods that have fewer sugars and starches
  • Wearing a customized mouthguard if you suffer from bruxism
  • Wearing a customized sportsguard if you engage in contact sports
  • Avoiding unhealthy habits like smoking and biting your fingernails
  • Seeing your dentist every six months for regular checkups and cleanings
  • Keeping up with your at-home oral hygiene routine

Keys to Preventing Dental Emergencies

Healthy woman smiling after visiting her Delafield emergency dentist

Not every accident or injury that damages your smile can be prevented. However, recent studies report that about 42% of ER visits for dental pain were caused by untreated cavities. Thousands of teeth are broken, chipped, and damaged unnecessarily because of bad chewing habits or lack of safety equipment! Thankfully, just a few simple precautions can go a tremendously long way in minimizing your risk of a dental emergency.

Keep Your Regular Dental Appointments

Woman during dental checkup in Delafield

Continuing to see your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings is one of the best ways to not only minimize your risk of damage but also detect any developing issues early on. By getting ahead of the problem, our team at Bionica Dental Wellness of Delafield can better safeguard your smile and oral health for the future. Dr. Holinbeck will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, bite, and nearby facial and oral structures to ensure everything looks and functions correctly.

Keep Brushing and Flossing

Man brushing teeth in Delafield

At-home oral hygiene is essential. Yes, six-month appointments with our team are equally as important, but if you’re not doing your part at home to take care of your teeth and gums, you’ll discover that visiting the dentist can be a costlier venture. By adopting good brushing and flossing techniques at home, you’ll help to rid your mouth of bad oral bacteria and plaque that are behind cavities, infections, and gum disease.

Be Mindful What You Eat

Man eating healthy in Delafield

Although you might enjoy a piece of peanut brittle or a bag of chips, these can be detrimental to your smile. Not only do you run the risk of chipping or breaking a tooth when eating hard, crunchy foods, but those that consist of sugars and starches can cause tooth decay to form. Swapping out these items for those full of vitamins, minerals, and other valuable nutrients will benefit your mind, body, and smile.

Wear a Mouthguard to Protect Your Teeth

Mouthguard in Delafield

Protective mouth gear is important if you play sports or are prone to grinding your teeth at night. Tooth enamel can wear down daily, and it can be damaged if too much pressure is applied. Whether you’re on the field or court or just trying to sleep, having a customized mouthguard made by our team will help to ensure the safety of your pearly whites and soft oral tissues so that you can avoid visiting your emergency dentist for immediate care.

Use Tools to Open Packages, Not Your Teeth

Man smiling in Delafield

How many times have you used your teeth to peel back the clear plastic on a bottle? Maybe you’ve torn open a package that was impossible to do with your hands. No matter what you’re opening, your teeth are not supposed to be the tool you use. Instead, scissors, pliers, or even a knife is better suited for these situations. Teeth may be strong, but they’re not unbreakable, which is why you should never use them to open a package or container. This will only cause you to spend more time and money in the emergency dentist’s office.

Dental Emergency FAQs

Woman asking questions of emergency dentist in Delafield

When it comes to dental emergencies, it’s important to have a plan in place. Knowing how to handle the situation at home, how to get a hold of your emergency dentist in Delafield, and what you can expect when you arrive at the dentist’s office are all common questions patients have when faced with a serious dental injury. This is why Dr. Holinbeck and our team at Bionica Dental Wellness of Delafield have compiled some frequently asked questions from our patients as well as clear, concise answers, so you can feel more confident when it comes to addressing a dental emergency.

What should I keep in my emergency dentistry kit?

Having an emergency dental kit on you at all times is important. Whether you keep it in your purse or in a bag inside your car, having the appropriate materials should an accident occur can help to mitigate pain and further damage until you can get in to see a trusted dentist. Some of the most common items you should plan to keep in this kit include:

  • Gauze pads and dressings
  • Sterile gloves
  • Small container for teeth or lost/broken restorations
  • Cotton balls
  • Dental cement
  • Denture adhesive
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen
  • Floss
  • Ice pack
  • Topical anesthetic
  • Dental practice phone number

How should I sleep with tooth pain?

Having tooth pain throughout the night can be extremely problematic. When all you want to do is sleep, you’ll need to consider a few tips to make the process of achieving rest possible. If suffering from a nagging toothache, make sure to keep your head elevated. This prevents blood from rushing to your head and causing additional pressure. Also, take an over-the-counter pain reliever before going to bed, and avoid anything acidic, cold, spicy, or hot. Should swelling or intense pain continue, use a cold compress to reduce the discomfort.

Can superglue be used to repair a broken denture?

No, you should never try to repair your broken denture. Instead, you should let a qualified dental professional take care of addressing your damaged prosthetic. Superglue may work just fine for arts and crafts, but it can be highly toxic if ingested. Also, it doesn’t do well in damp environments. Since your mouth is likely moist, it will not hold your denture together well.

And, if you try to eat while wearing a denture held together by super glue, you can expect that your food will taste “funny.”

It’s best to address this dental emergency in Delafield by contacting our dental office and scheduling an appointment as soon as possible.

Do chipped teeth heal?

No, tooth enamel cannot grow back once it has been damaged. Although it is much harder than the bones in your body, it is not indestructible. When a break or chip occurs, you’ll need to schedule an appointment with a member of our team. Depending on the severity, we will either use tooth-colored composite resin to fix it or have a customized dental crown made to protect it from further damage. It may also be possible to consider dental veneers if the structural integrity of your tooth is not affected.

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